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A place of peace and contemplation distinguished by a poetic profusion of trees, memorials and verdant, undulating landscape.families the comfort of knowing that their loved one’s


With its manicured green lawns, stately shady trees and peaceful open parkland, here is a memorial landscape esteemed for its tranquillity.  The cemetery covers 55ha, of which 25ha is set aside for further development. More than 78,000 burials are recorded in the grounds and the cemetery continues to serve the needs of Ballarat and the surrounding region.

The Ballarat New Cemetery is renowned for its botanical gardens and is the resting place of many noted figures in Ballarat’s history – from the 19th century to the present day. It is home to Ballarat General Cemeteries’ administration office where our staff welcome visitors and assist with information about our sites and services.

The Ballarat New Cemetery was opened in June, 1867, to cater for the future needs of Ballarat.  Like the old cemetery, it is steeped in gold-rush history: rotundas, statues and fountains are positioned among the many monuments to remind us of days gone by. Lawn graves were introduced in 1959, and are now the major form of burial.

Our babies’ memorial garden is a major design achievement of the cemetery. Featuring a tree of memories, the memorial gardens are the first of their kind in Victoria, and provide an opportunity to remember those lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Ballarat New Cemetery

Apr 27, 2017


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