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Ballarat Cemeteries operates internal crews to support three main functions associated with the service delivery of its core business. The three functions are Operations-Cremation, Operations-Burial and Operations-Asset Management/Grounds and are spread across two sites. The ‘Old Ballarat Cemetery’ situated in Macarthur Street Ballarat and the ‘New Ballarat Cemetery’ situated in Doveton Street North Ballarat. These crews work to prescribed standards and  also respond to client requests, Funeral Director and Stonemason activities and reactive and remedial works.

Specialist tasks are supported by contractors including weed spraying, rubbish collection, plumbing, electrical, property maintenance and road repairs.

These Standards are for the provision of routine and specialist cemetery and horticultural services that effectively provide for the standard of service delivery and level of maintenance the Trust believes will meet community expectations.

Tasks that are included within this Specification include, but are not limited to, some or all of the following:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of Chapel
  • Maintenance of Crematorium
  • Maintenance of garden beds including annuals
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all cemetery furniture, structures and landscape features
  • Maintenance of internal paths, roads and car parks
  • Maintenance of drainage and irrigation
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Memorabilia and Litter control
  • Management and pruning of trees
  • Management of native vegetation
  • Management of weeds
  • Inspection, maintenance and repairs to amenity assets
  • Maintenance of Lawn graves and turf management
  • Management of water features
  • Delivery of burial services
  • Reporting and responding to inquiries, requests, complaints, etc..
  • Regular review, consultative and planning meetings

Staff are responsible for the care and preservation of cemetery assets to ensure that they are always functional, safe for the public, and their condition remains at the level specified.  Assets are maintained by performing a range of activities which typically may include, but are not limited to, some or all of the following:

Weeding Cleaning Rose Memorials Pruning
Mowing/Edging Spraying General Maintenance Irrigation

These activities will be performed to differing standards according to the type, location, condition or usage of the asset.

As a guide the following asset details have been collated.

Total Area of Cemetery Approx 588,742 sq m
Area of Open Space Fire control Approx 195,897 sq m
Area of Grass maintained Approx 16,500 sq m
Area of Turf maintained Approx 101,161 sq m
Area of Lawn maintained Approx 1816 sq m
Number of Roses 2,700

Inspection Frequency

Staff shall inspect all areas to ensure the provision of a pleasant and safe environment and carry out works required to maintain and enhance the peaceful tranquillity associated with visitor expectations.

Turf Areas Lawns Turf
Grassland Fire Cuts
Garden Beds Feature Garden Beds General Garden Beds Rose Garden Beds Fortnightly Monthly Fortnightly
Paths, Roads and Carparks Paths, Access Roads, Car Parks Type – Unmade
Sealed roads
Monthly Annually
Outdoor Furniture Seats, bollards,, shelters, Annually
Water Features Informal Water Features / Fountains Annually
Trees Park Trees formative pruning OH&S Inspection Six Monthly
Drainage Pits, Drains, Agricultural pipes Six Monthly
Irrigation Sprinklers, Solenoid Valves ,Pipes Weekly (in season)
Buildings/Structures Shelters, Bridges, Buildings Annually


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