Ballarat Cemeteries Searching for Families – End of Tenure


The Ballarat Cemeteries Trust advises that tenures for the memorials listed in the attachment have expired. The Trust is seeking any information that may assist us in locating the families of these people.  List of people


What is a Tenure?

Prior to the Cemeteries & Crematoria Act 2003, memorials for the placement ashes could only be arranged for a “limited tenure” of either 25 or 50 years.

Today, memorials can be arranged in perpetuity (permanent) with the vast majority of families choosing perpetuity to ensure there is a tribute for their loved one now and for future generations.

Existing memorials with a limited tenure can be converted to perpetuity.

Please contact our office by phone: 5332 1469 or email:






Thank you to our community who have social distanced to keep all of us safe.


Our team remain committed to providing a quality and compassionate service during these temporary adjustments. In response to the covid-19 pandemic, the way we deliver our services have changed to accommodate current health and safety requirements.


All of our services remain open and available.


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Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 website


Our Cemeteries have remained open during the Pandemic and continue to remain open for our community to visit.


Funeral have unlimited numbers.  Our chapel will cater for 60 people in the chapel and 30 people in the foyer according to the social distance rules.


You are required to wear masks when attending services at our cemeteries and attending our office.


If you are required to social distance at all times.

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