> Celebrating 150 years and 150 stories of the Women who shaped and built Ballarat

In 2017 Ballarat’s New Cemetery celebrates its 150th anniversary when it was formally declared open on 10th June 1867. Today the Ballarat Cemeteries Trust not only provides burial and memorial services to families, but also actively promotes the importance of cemeteries as places of great social, cultural and historical significance. In particular, the many individuals and events who have informed and shaped us as a community.

As part of the 150 Year Anniversary celebrations, the Trust is bringing to life the stories of the many women who have made Ballarat the vibrant and progressive city it is today and importantly to share and celebrate their lives through our 150 years 150 stories project.

Our goal is to collect 150 stories and share the lives and contribution of the many female leaders, visionaries and pioneers who rest in Ballarat’s old and new cemeteries – and most importantly discover the many untold stories held by families and friends within the Ballarat community.

Alternatively you can send your stories into the Trust by email or mail.

Ballarat Cemeteries
1250 Doveton Street North
Ballarat Vic 3350


War, two women and a surgeon

Amie Pyke Taylor (1894-1958) was born at 'Lesleigh' in Malvern, Victoria, on 17 June 1894 to Oliver Harry Taylor (1860-1900) and Charlotte Winter (1872-1940). Her mother was the adopted daughter of William Irving Winter-Irving who commissioned the grand Melbourne...

Elizabeth Andrew

Elizabeth Gardiner was born in London, England in 1833 and I am yet to discover when Elizabeth immigrated to Australia. At aged 36 she married James Lea Clifford in 1869 who ran The Market Hotel in Bridge St in Ballarat. Elizabeth resided and lived there with James...

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown was my great grandmother, who lived all her 95 years in Ballarat, the daughter of a gold miner, and married a gold miner. Kate was the surviving twin daughter of John Buckingham, born in 1827 in North Marston, England, and Mary Corkhill, born 1823 in...

Anne Curtain

BCO-GN-08-105-24-02 Anne married Patrick Curtain on 18 June 1846 at St Francis Church. Melbourne.

Sister Emily Pauline Cherry

BCO-DN-09-105-03 Emily Cherry trained as a nurse at the Ballarat Hospital. She was a member of the Australian Army Nursing Service. Her married name was Emily Ireland. She died on 02 July 1962, aged 72, and was buried in the Ballarat Old Cemetery....


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