> Celebrating 150 years and 150 stories of the Women who shaped and built Ballarat

In 2017 Ballarat’s New Cemetery celebrates its 150th anniversary when it was formally declared open on 10th June 1867. Today the Ballarat Cemeteries Trust not only provides burial and memorial services to families, but also actively promotes the importance of cemeteries as places of great social, cultural and historical significance. In particular, the many individuals and events who have informed and shaped us as a community.

As part of the 150 Year Anniversary celebrations, the Trust is bringing to life the stories of the many women who have made Ballarat the vibrant and progressive city it is today and importantly to share and celebrate their lives through our 150 years 150 stories project.

Our goal is to collect 150 stories and share the lives and contribution of the many female leaders, visionaries and pioneers who rest in Ballarat’s old and new cemeteries – and most importantly discover the many untold stories held by families and friends within the Ballarat community.

Alternatively you can send your stories into the Trust by email or mail.

Ballarat Cemeteries
1250 Doveton Street North
Ballarat Vic 3350


Sister Sarah Bell

BCO-JAB-1-105-53 Sarah Bell was born at Scarsdale, Victoria, and trained as a nurse at the Ballarat District hospital for three years. During World War One she enlisted at the age of 33 into the 1st Australian General Hospital. Her next of kin was her mother Mary Bell...

Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison was living in Ballarat at the time she signed the Women's Petition. She was born in 1863 in a small gold-mining settlement not far from Ballarat and close by father worked at the diggings at Dolly's Creek. Due to ill health as a miner, he was unable to...

Mary Sutton

BCO-HX-04-1-105-11-04   Mary Sutton married Richard Henry Sutton who founded a music firm in a tent on the Ballarat goldfield in 1854. After a short stint as a miner he had found that playing a homemade concertina in his tent at night attracted crowds and he...

Alma Elizabeth Matthews

BCN-PVF-06-2-105-40 Alma Matthews was one of Ballarat’s best known charity workers. During the great war period and since then she has rendered splendid services to the Red Cross. As an instrumentalist she was known far and wide and her popularity as an entertainer...

Helen Noonan

BCN-RCE-08-2-105-21 A trained actress, Noonan joined the cast of Prisoner in 1981 as receptionist Wendy Scott. She later appeared on I Can Jump Puddles, The Flying Doctors and Blue Heelers, amongst other things. She was best known as a star of opera and music hall,...


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