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Development Plan – 80 Years | Ballarat Cemeteries

> Ballarat New Cemetery – Development Plan for the next 80 years…..

The Ballarat New Cemetery was established in 1867 and has been developed over the last 150 years.  Now is the time to set the plan for the next 80 years.

Remembering the Past

  Caring for thePresent

    Planning for the future


The Ballarat General Cemeteries Trust cares for the Ballarat New Cemetery and the Ballarat Old Cemetery.

The Ballarat Old Cemetery is essentially full and has space for re-opening of family graves and space in the Jewish section of the Cemetery.

The Ballarat New Cemetery has been reviewed and the Trust is planning for the next 80 years.  The Trust has created a Draft Development plan and it is summarised below.  The Trust is seeking comments and ideas from the community on the proposed plans.

The development plan has been created after consultation with community groups, feedback from current clients and research of cemeteries across the nation.  Planning for the next 80 years takes some time and the development plan is established that future Trusts have the flexibility to change/create different spaces for memorialisation.

The development plan is in three parts 1) Infill developments – how can we enhance the existing locations 2) New Land, what does the undeveloped land of the cemetery look like including road network 3) Supporting documents

We are seeking feedback on parts 1 and 2 as detailed below.  Please email any comments or questions to enquiries@ballaratcemeteries.com.au 

Infill developments – enhancements to the current memorialisation locations

01 Poets Walk – We will provide additional memorial spaces within ‘poet’s walk’ and there will be a connection of ‘poet’s walk’ and ‘bush walk’. 

02 Dreamtime – This area is an ode t the traditional owners. The area needs renewal to include movement of the smoking pit and increase of plantings.  Changes will be undertaken in consultation with the elders of the Waddarwurung people.

03 Natural Burial – Provision of natural burial as an additional choice for our community. natural burial is the practice of burying a human body in the earth in a manner that allows for natural decomposition with minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

04 Bushwalk – Inclusion of seats and improved entrances, as part of this project we will provide additional plantings and seating for visitors. the aim of the appeal to this area is of being one with nature. indigenous flora and fauna will be encouraged with a vegetation managment plan to eradicate woody weeds and pest control of ferral animals. habitat values will be retained and bird box’s installed.

05 Rose gardens Initial installation of paths for easier access to memorial locations.  As memorial tenures are returned we have options to create new memorial gardens for the community to enjoy.  These will only be created if there are no memorials in the area’s.

06 Book of Remembrance – Improved and renewed plantings around the building – to be designed

07 Birdsong Gardens – 3 new garden beds with similar plantings providing 110 new graves 

08 Fountain GardensCreation of a new garden bed on the edge of the road. The design will replicate the existing design of the Fountain Gardens.

09 Lawn F – Additional beams on the South and North side of the memorial garden rose cross. This will enable burial locations near other family members. family members.  

10 Birch Forest – The area known as ‘birch forest’ has not proven overly popular to date and we are considering strategies to remedy this. the introduction of moving water, the seating of natural material and different plantings are all being considered – to be designed

11 Norman Street Entrance – Renewed plantings and offering of tree memorials – to be designed

12 Babies areas – Proposal to provide some decorative options for te babies area. a variety of topiary animals and decorative seating.

13 Extension of Conifer Gardens – There is an area of undeveloped land which flows on from ‘conifer gardens’ which we will convert into additional small headstone graves.

14 Native Ash Placement Garden – Provide an ash placement in a natural setting close to the south west area of the cemetery.

New Developments

The map below describes the proposed development of the unused land at the Ballarat Cemeteries.  We will not need to move to this land for 10 years.  The initial design is the road network and then gradually developing each section for memorials.

We have purposely not identified what memorials will be in the northeast section of the land as we expect there will be different memorial options available at that time.  The developments provide options for all religious faiths within the currently developed areas and the proposed memorials.

The cemetery has researched and understands the current availability of each area within the cemetery.  Click here to view this data.

Please send any comments or questions to Annie De Jong, CEO at enquiries@ballaratcemeteries.com.au Ph 03 53321469


Supporting Documents – The plan when complete, will have a number of supporting documents that have been used in the creation of the development plan.  These include :

  • Amenities Plan
  • Building Management Plan
  • Drainage and Water Management Plan
  • Heritage Asset Maintenance including listing our heritage assets
  • Asset Cultural Value
  • Native Vegetation Management
  • Tree Management
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Naming Protocols
  • Road Management Plan
  • Maintenance Standards




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