Keryl Ann (Eyres) Thomas was born on the 29th April 1953 in Ballarat and Died on the 19th October 2015.
Keryl attended Ballarat North Primary School and Sebastopol Technical School before starting a career in the Public Service, working with children and families effected by child abuse. She worked directly with children and their families and indirectly in pursuing the development of improved policies. She was the Manager responsible for the delivery of early years service (ages 0 – 8) for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development across the Grampians region.
In her own words reflecting on the experience of working in a field where child trauma is common, Keryl was in awe of the work done by professionals involved “I have seen children and young people achieve their goals against enormous odds, something that is inspirational.”

In 2004 Keryl was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. This lead her into volunteering her time to become a consumer representative for the Grampians Integrated Cancer Strategy, working to provide a structure for the provision of services for cancer patients and their families and to supporting others living with cancer to become stronger advocates for their own health care.on

In her own words, “My personal plea is that we continue to work towards the prevention of these traumas which impact upon us so greatly. As a society, we have enormous capacity to undertake research into, and develop responses to, such experiences. While we are becoming more able to treat or address things such as child abuse or life-threatening illness, we need to do more to address the factors that contribute to heir development.:

Keryl is buried in the Ballarat New Cemetery – Tanderra Memorial Gardens B Grave 113

Words courtesy of Amongst Ballarat’s Finest Publication