Frances Brown was one of Ballarat’s oldest residents when she died in 1912.  Frances and William Hooley were on the Eureka Lead, Ballarat in 1853 where the death of their daughter, Mary, aged 6 months, was recorded.  Frances was the daughter of William, had already had a son, William, and a daughter, Hannah, who were baptised at Christ Church, Geelong, in 1851, with William Hooley.  She subsequently married their father in 1853 at Christ Church Geelong.

Her obituary stated that the couple arrived in Ballarat in 1851 and they had a family of 12 children.

Frances Hooley was widely known for her charitable actions and for the readiness with which she assisted people in ill health.  It can be assumed Frances played a pivotal community role providing voluntary social work to those in her community before and after the Eureka Uprising.  She passed away peacefully at the residence of her daughter in Cobden Street, Ballarat leaving 50 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

Frances is buried at the Ballarat New Cemetery, Church of England C Row 5 Grave 26