Ms Wavie Williams was the Queen of the Ballarat theatre.

Born and raised in Ballarat, Waive was a talented solo performer with a beautiful voice. With a background in calisthenics, she quickly became a dance and movement teacher and was drawn to pantomime.

She was the creator and producer of amazing pantomimes. Waive set new standards for amateur performance in Ballarat, When tickets for her shows went on sale, queues formed from the theatre down Lydiard Street and around the Sturt Street corner.

Between 19540 and 1`953, Waive Williams staged 13 full scale productions based on pantomime stories. Proceeds aided local charities.

Waive was a Ballarat icon, a significant figure in the evolution of local amateur performance this town. She trained hundreds of children, a whole generation of Ballarat adults and children interested in performance and turned them into experienced performers who were then available to the next generation of local companies.