Annie was the sixth child and third daughter of the ten children of Edward and Emily Brawn. This family included two sets of twins. She was four years old when her mother died.

Living at 213 Mills St., Ballarat, home of her brother Fred. New Zealand cousins suggested that the girls had to work after the death of their grandmother Sarah Brawn (1911), so three sisters went to New Zealand to train as nurses. Annie trained at Ballarat Hospital.

Annie went to Ballarat and lived with Fred and Alice Brawn and went to work at Snow’s, a big drapery store. She learned dressmaking which she hated. When Effie married, Annie came home to look after Grandma Sarah and was with her when she died at 90 years of age. Alice was married about five months when Grandma Sarah died. Edward and his wife came to live at Vine Grove until it was sold. Annie trained as a nurse at Ballarat Hospital after Sarah died. She worked six months for nothing and then got five shillings a week. They had to do all the cleaning as well as nursing. She volunteered in the First World War and was posted in India. When she returned she worked at Brighton Repatriation Hospital until she retired.

She died in Ballarat 29/8/1955, ashes interred at Ballarat old cemetery, after cremation at Fawkner on 30th (there wasn’t a crematorium in Ballarat then). She had had an arm amputated for Cancer. She lived at 409a Dana St., Ballarat,  this house is still there.