Sarah Fry was born in England and immigrated to Australia in 1854 where she met miner Charles White. They married in the Christ Church of Geelong in 1855 and went to the Goldfields to find their pot of gold.
They certainly did not find anything of the kind. Quite the opposite.
Sarah bore Charles 3 daughters Elizabeth, Louisa and Henrietta and sadly Elizabeth and Louisa died Aged 3 & 2 years when they were living in Ascot Street Ballarat. Elizabeth and Louisa are buried in the Old Cemetary in unmarked graves. Sarah contracted Cancer of the Uterus and died aged 31 yrs (29 on death certificate) on 2-6-1864, living in Peel Street Ballarat.
Poor heartbroken Charles buried Sarah in the Old Cemetary and he took his only surviving daughter Henrietta to live with his Aunt Sarah Ferguson who was married to Capt. Charles Ferguson. It was discovered by his descendants that the grave was never paid for, so it was claimed by a descendant Brian Flack and the debt was paid in full.
We have been told by the Ballarat Cemetary that Sarah is buried in an unmarked grave. She was one of the first people with her daughters to be buried in the old cemetary.